Don’t just maintain servers. Modernize and solve IT challenges.

It’s about more than OS support. Modernize to boost your business with Lenovo and Windows Server 2022.

Ageing servers running an out-of-date operating system (OS) spell trouble – for security, compliance, sustainability, and more. With Lenovo you can run Windows Server 2022 on high performance servers, rated #1 for reliability¹. See how our solutions address your server pain points.

Windows Server 2012 is no longer supported.Support ended 00:00 on the 10th October 2023

Facing these issues? Lenovo and Microsoft are here to help.

  • Icon "We need more performance"

    Lenovo ThinkSystem servers hold 465 world record benchmarks across a wide range of workloads². Windows Server 2022 is designed to take advantage of the latest server capabilities.

  • Icon "We’re spending more to prevent server downtime"

    Out-of-warranty servers may cost more to maintain. In ITIC research, Lenovo servers are consistently rated #1 for reliability among x86 servers.

  • Icon "We’re exposed to security risks"

    Windows Server 2022 and the TPM 2.0 crypto-processors in Lenovo servers work together to provide a “secured-core server” with modern security features.

  • Icon "Migrating our data feels risky"

    Lenovo and Microsoft have a long-standing partnership. Minimize risk with our end-to-end solutions, which can include Lenovo Professional Services.

  • Icon "Old tech is blocking our cloud journey"

    Easily connect and manage on-premises servers and Azure resources in the cloud with Azure Arc, to create a proven hybrid cloud infrastructure.

  • Icon "We’ve hit scalability limits"

    Windows Server 2022 supports up to 48 TB of RAM and 64 processor sockets, providing plenty of headroom to meet your future needs.

  • Icon "We want to modernize with containers"

    Windows Server 2022 provides a modern Windows Container experience with Kubernetes. Startup times and performance are faster than in previous Windows Server versions³.

  • Icon "We have sustainability goals to meet"

    Easily offset carbon emissions with Lenovo Carbon Offset Services. And significantly reduce energy consumption with the latest Intel® Xeon® and AMD EPYC™ processors in Lenovo servers.

  • Icon "We want to avoid being out of support"

    Windows Server  will receive mainstream support until October 2026. Extended support continues until October 2031.

  • Icon "We need help to design the optimal solution"

    Lenovo offers solutions co-engineered with Microsoft, which are optimized and certified to run Windows Server 2022 or Azure Stack HCI.

Solve key challenges – your way

Some businesses need new servers to meet needs for higher performance . Some want extended Windows Server support. And 80% have a hybrid cloud strategy to implement. Whatever problem you need to solve, Lenovo has an upgrade path for Windows Server that fits you.


Get leading performance and reliability with new servers

Lenovo ThinkSystem + Windows Server 2022

  • Run the latest Windows Server version on ThinkSystem servers designed for business-critical workloads.
  • Enjoy a smooth, stress-free migration with an end-to-end solution with Lenovo Professional Services.

Bring the cloud to your on-premises environment with Azure Stack HCI

Lenovo ThinkAgile MX with Azure Stack HCI

  • Easily modernize Windows Server and SQL Server workloads in the Azure cloud.
  • Implement your hybrid cloud strategy with a proven, turnkey solution developed by Lenovo and Microsoft.

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Get free extended security updates

Azure services + your existing environment

  • Prepare for a future upgrade by migrating your Windows Server and SQL Server workloads to Azure or Azure Stack HCI.
  • Receive up to 3 years of extended security updates for older Windows Server and SQL Server editions at no additional cost.

Why Windows Server 2022 and Lenovo?

The partnership between Lenovo and Microsoft helps you reduce risk, choose a single simplified solution, and achieve faster time to value.

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Get all the benefits of Windows Server 2022 on the best server hardware from Lenovo. Accelerate your hybrid cloud strategy with Azure Stack HCI. Or, start migrating at your own pace. Have a specialist contact you and help plan your next steps.

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